Hestian – African Biomass

Hestian – African Biomass

Project Description

The POA is registered in 13 countries but operations currently exist in Rwanda (4 VPAs) and Malawi (5 VPAs). Each VPA aims to disseminate improved cookstoves whilst also promoting improved kitchen and firewood management practices. 235,023 households reached as of Jan 2017, creating 2,000 jobs.

Distributers, who gained access to the technology and/or finance through the programme will sell, install and maintain the household devices.

Sustainable Development:

  • Health and air quality improvements
  • Fuel cost and labour savings
  • Natural resource preservation
  • Local employment
  • Fire safety improvements

Project Info:

Developer: Hestian

Operational – 10 years

Registered – 2012

POA Duration – 28 years

Crediting Period – 1 Sep 12 – 31 Aug 19 (In position to renew)

VERs – approx. 200,000 issued for 2016

Data – Readily available for issuance/renewal

  • Sole authority of CERs
  • Complies with health and safety requirements
  • Social and environmental assessments conducted as per GS requirements
  • Open to due diligence and collection of marketing materials (subject to NDA)
  • Part of other voluntary portfolios
  • Images, videos, testimonials available on website www.hestian.com