Nuru Lighting Project – Rwanda

Nuru Lighting Project – Rwanda

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to provide an affordable, clean and safe lighting solution to households in Rwanda. Currently most households use kerosene. Nuru lighting consists of 2 technologies:

Nuru light – Rechargeable battery powered LED lights. When fully charged for 20 mins, the light lasts for 10-20 hours depending on light setting.

Nuru POWERCycle – Worlds first commercially available pedal generator kit. Human powered with a rated output capacity of 65W. The generator has a built-in docking station allowing for 5 lights to be charged at the same time (approx. 20 mins).

Nuru’s business model focuses on delivery through a network of entrepreneurs/micro-franchises who sell or rent Nuru lights and charge a small fee for using the POWERCycle. The model is based upon the purchase patterns of kerosene i.e. small fee on frequent basis.

Sustainable Development:

  • Increased access to lighting
  • Cost reduction compared to kerosene
  • Employment
  • Health improvements – both respiratory and burns from kerosene
  • Improved school performance – creates time for studying due to access to lighting

Project Info:

Operational – Distributed products in 1000 villages in Rwanda

Registered – November 2012

Crediting Period – 01 Jan 13 – 31 Dec 22 (Fixed)

Est. Annual CERs – 48,635

Issuance – No CERs issued due to no buyer

Data – Data on usage of products is crucial to collect to the running of business so this same data would be used for issuance.

  • Sole authority of CERs
  • Complies with health and safety requirements
  • Social and environmental impacts assessed.
  • Open to due diligence and collection of marketing materials.
  • Website contains videos, images, testimonials –