Plan Vivo – Hiniduma Biolink Project

Plan Vivo – Hiniduma Biolink Project

Project description:

The Hiniduma Biolink Project is a reforesting project that will establish a biodiversity corridor in between the two large remnant rainforest patches, Singharaja and Kenneliya, in Sri Lanka. The project was started in 2010 and the pilot project consisted of 15 farmer families who are farming adjacent to the identified disrupted forest patches and intends to cover an area of 10.8 hectares. The project has been expanded over the past 8 years and currently the project consisted of 63 farmer families, covering 26.8 hectares.

The trees planted include native and endemic rainforest species, as well as fruit and medicinal trees. This allows farmers to generate additional income. Furthermore, the introduction of carefully selected non-native plant species can help improve and support local ecosystem services.

Sustainable Development:

  • Income generation
  • Strengthening social cohesion – Forming farmer organisations
  • Improve agricultural practices
  • Increase biodiversity – protection of wildlife habitats
  • Improved water, soil and air quality

Project Info:

Developer: The Carbon Consulting Company (Sri Lanka)

Operational – 2010 (Pilot)

Registered – 2012

Crediting Period – 20 years – Fixed

PVCs – 2767 issued to date

Data – Annual Monitoring reports

  • Sole authority of CERs
  • Complies with health and safety requirements
  • Social impacts assessed.
  • Open to due diligence and collection of marketing materials.
  • Not part of other portfolios but M&S used project credits to offset carbon neutral lingerie line.
  • Video Description available on Plan Vivo Website: