We offer a wide portfolio of projects – either developed by ourselves or sourced by us – covering a wide variety of areas. Renewable Energy, Biogas, Agro-Forestry or Public Health to name a few.

Example projects are:

Wastewater Biogas Project
– Vietnam

This project reduces methane emissions from wastewater treatment, the methane is captured and replaces coal in the drying process at the starch factory.

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

+ Significantly improves local air and water quality.

+ Supports the local economy by providing employment opportunities.

+ Reduces reliance upon coal for heating.

Hiniduma Biolink Project
– Sri Lanka

Hiniduma Bio-Link aims to conserve Sri Lanka’s last remaining rainforests by establishing
a biodiversity corridor between two large
rainforest patches.

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

+ Promotes sustainable agro-forestry.

+ Reduces rural poverty.

+ Improves biodiversity by planting over 90 different species of native fruit and medicinal trees.

+ Improves water, soil and air quality.

African Biomass

The African Biomass project involves the dissemination of
efficient cookstoves to over
200,000 homes.

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

+ Reduces harmful indoor air pollution and greenhouse gases caused by burning wood for household tasks.

+ Creates over 2,000 jobs and supports social enterprises.

+ Households reduce wood consumption, breathe cleaner air and spend less time harvesting wood.

Focus of our offsetting strategy is the reduction of emissions, but all our projects support many other UN Sustainable Development Goals making the offsetting strategy we offer truly sustainable.

We will work very closely with you to identify projects that create synergies with your business goals. Focus will be on reducing your climate footprint, but we will ensure that other UN Sustainable Development Goals link with your wider CSR approach.